Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Local Delivery Policy

I offer local delivery to a common and public location in Carson City, NV for all orders. If the order is above $150 delivery to Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe can be arraigned as well to a common and public location there.

When you check out, please select local delivery as your shipping option and in the notes\comments for the order supply information on when you can meet to pick up your order. 

Are Prints Finished and\or Printed

Unless otherwise stated all models are unfinished and not painted. For some models we do offer painted versions (which will impact lead time on those delivers) and that is an option you can select when you buy those items.

For prints that are intended to be used right away, for example Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), those are always finished which includes; sanding, adding in additional elements (i.e. N95 filter) and cleaning.

What Type of Material Is Used

Depending on the fabrication process different material is used. For example I use different material to print Resin miniatures then we use to create terrain.

I am very careful in our selection of suppliers for the material used in printing and fabrication. I test each material multiple times with multiple prints to ensure it’s suitable for use.

Suppliers I use from Resin are Elegoo and Siraya Tech. For FDM Filament I use Hatchbox, Sunlu and Polymaker.

Do Prints Fail

Unfortunately failures can occur in any fabrication process. All prints go through a Quality Check (QC) after they are printed before I ship or deliver to you, that prevents you from getting any failed prints. FDM 3D prints without any additional work, i.e. sanding, priming or painting have a unique look where you can see the individual lines on the models, these are normal.

To minimize the risk of failed prints I monitor prints in person or via a dashboard with cameras, allowing me to stop a print or take corrective action (if I can). Some prints with minor issues are stored and solid for discounted price. 

Why Do You Name Your Printers

Every printer has it’s own unique personality, even identical ones straight from the manufacturer. I usually modify every printer to have unique, updated or enhanced capabilities and keep track of each printer. When determining what print goes on what printer there are tests that I run and having the printers named makes it easier to track.

For the printers I have multiple of, for example the Ender 3 Pro’s, I rotate the filament and color that in them depending on what people order, so I can keep track using the printers name of what is currently loaded on each printer.

How Do You Check For Quality

Once a print is finished it’s allowed to cool on the build service for a while, or remain on the Resin build plate to ensure proper cooling or removal of excess material. This process only takes a few minutes, but during it I do a quick check of the exterior of the print to check for any major visible issues.

Once I get the prints off of the build platform I rotate them and check under every surface and parts, overhangs, etc to ensure the print was good. Minor issues that I can correct via light sanding or clipping will be done at this time to ensure a quality print.