Fast Forward

I apologize to everyone who has decided to read any of these posts.  I wanted to introduce myself to you, and take you on this journey with me and then I just kind of left you.  Well, the good news is I’m back, and ready to have you join me again.  Cause WHEW! It’s been a year!  And I am all over the place.  That seems to be because I may have undiagnosed ADHD and as an adult that is hard, I mean my mother had me tested (get the reference? Iykyk) when I was younger and the Doctor told her it was just because I was young and there was a LOT of stuff going on in life that is rightfully distracting.  Fast forward to now and uh yeah here we are, middle of a pandemic where I get to be a stay/work from home mom, playing with 3d printers trying to make a living doing things that give me dopamine. 

A lot has happened, I have a store front, but with the pandemic I have not been open to the public which is a bummer.  I got the space so I could make a maker’s space, a space where I could have a couple easy printers set up for people to rent time on the machine for small or big projects.  I have a cricut set up in there for rental use. But for now, I’m just using it as a spot to display pieces that I have printed before they are sold, and for good office space for me to just step away and work on marketing or ad’s or responding to requests.  I’ve sold all my ender 3 pro’s; they were good little machines but on the hobbyist level and I out grew them.  I now have 3 Prusa MK3s’s, 4 Prusa Mini’s, 3 Artillery Sidewinder X1’s, 1 Sovol V3, 1 CR10 Max, Qidi XPlus, and a Bibo (which I am selling).  Names for all the printers to follow.  Adding to my chase of dopamine, I started airbrushing my works, both 3d printed and laser cut.  I have fully built my Shapeoko 3xxl.  And I have 2 Elegoo Saturn’s and a Jupiter. It’s enough of a change between all the different styles that I am able to keep my interest in the machines. 

As I get time, I will do my best to revisit things that have happened over the last year, I don’t want you feeling lost or confused with all that has happened, but know it may be a week or so, it really depends on orders, toddler time, and life.  So please bear with me.  I’ll be back. 

Also feel free to find me on TikTok @dreaminginprint