Wooden Bear Ornament | Laser Cut Bear Ornament | Layered Bear Ornament



This Ornament is 3 layers of 3mm Baltic Birch, each layer hand painted or stained.  The Bear is wood stained walnut, the trees stained with Unicorn spit and layered with glitter as snow freshly fallen, and the background whitewashed with glitter to emulate a snow globe.  Due to the nature of hand painted items, no two(2) items will be identical.  Three (3) Inches Diameter.


  • 1 ornament


  • Laser cut items are thin and fragile. Handle with care.
  • Unicorn Spit stain.
  • I cut most items to order and typically need 1 to 3 days for single items like earrings/keychains/ornaments and 3 to 5 days for larger orders.  All orders have a standard processing time of 5 days unless explicitly stated otherwise; for example for large orders.
  • Cut and/or engraved on Baltic Birch.
  • Material color can differ from the images.
  • I include some items in the pictures to give a sense of the scale of the print. Some items I commonly use are dice, quarters, rulers. These are not included in the item being purchased unless expressly called out in the description. Items not expressly listed but in pictures are not included in the purchase.
  • I package all items with foam and extra packaging materials to ensure the items leave my possession in tact.  I am not responsible for any damage sustained in shipping.
  • CAUTION CHOKING HAZARD! This is not intended for use by children and contains small parts that pose a choking hazard and may contain sharp edges or points. Keep away from children and pets!
  • SVG File purchased from: https://www.etsy.com/shop/LaserCutFilesForYou