Articulated Crystal Dragon | Fidget Dragon | Wiggle Pet | 3D Printed Dragon


Incredible fully articulated 3D crystal dragon created by Cinderwing3D.

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Incredible fully articulated 3D crystal dragon created by Cinderwing3D.

Yes this is the same dragon model that is trending on TikTok.  The Crystal Dragon is 2 FEET Long!  Perfect for any lover of dragons, someone who likes to have fidget toys, persons in need of a problem solving buddy (these dragons are great listeners, although not the best with responses), a guard dragon of your lovely treasures (it is a dragon after all).  This is a long print due to the details of the crystals and all those articulated joints, each dragon takes about 38 hours of printing before it is available for adoption.

Please note that the colors will vary slightly per dragon printed for adoption, colors are pre-determined based off the roll and are out of my control with rainbow colors, and I will do my best to keep popular colors in stock.

  • Single Color: One solid color, it will be my choice of filament color based off what I have in stock, could be glittery or silky or pastel.
  • Rainbow: Rainbow variation filament, printed in my choice of rainbow based off what I have in stock. Rainbows could be seen in other dragon photos or a mystery rainbow.


  • I print to order most items to order and typically need 1 to 3 days for single items like miniatures or terrain elements and 3 to 5 days for most bundles. All orders have a standard processing time of 10 days unless explicitly stated otherwise; for example for large systems or complete builds.
  • Printed with Non-Toxic PLA utilizing an FDM (FFF) printing process. PLA is a vegetable-based material and is a fully biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable material. PLA starts to melt around 178°C or 350°F and can start to become malleable around 60°C or 140°C. PLA is very stable when stored out of direct sunlight (for extended periods) and in a climate-controlled environment, for example inside a residence.
  • Material color can differ from the images. As a standard, I try and print miniatures with gray or blue translucent color, rocks/stones with a gray or granite color, wood foliage with a brown or wooden color, terrain (outside of rocks/stone). My goal is to match the print material to make sense with the object being printed to give a good base for you applying your own style via painting. Due to supply shortages, prints may be printed in gray material.
  • Some prints within jobs may have differing colors due to filament manufacturer formula changes.  I do my best to avoid any of these possibilities, however you may find some slight color changes.
  • Scaled for use with 28mm miniatures feet to eyes and with a base diameter of 25mm. Models may vary slightly in size due to the printing process and expansion/contraction of the material.
  • All of my prints are unfinished. At times, some clean up may be required as some lines or imperfections may be seen. I do print slowly and perform a quality check on all prints before shipping or delivery. All models will need some final work before use or painting in the form of sanding and/or priming. Prints may require assembly which could include the use of adhesives, we recommend a clear Epoxy Glue.
  • I include some items in the pictures to give a sense of the scale of the print. Some items I commonly use are dice, terrains, tiles, and miniatures. These are not included in the item being purchased unless expressly called out in the description. Bundles, Systems, Complete games, etc will include a list of all the elements included in the purchase, items not expressly listed but in pictures are not included in the purchase.


  • CAUTION CHOKING HAZARD! This is not intended for use by children and contains small parts that pose a choking hazard and may contain sharp edges or points. Keep away from children and pets! The products may contain small parts or break into small parts which may be considered as choking hazards for children below three (3) years old.
  • You understand and acknowledge that by purchasing products for children, it is the responsibility of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the child/children to determine the appropriate and suitable products for their child. While I am committed to providing safe toys made of 3D printed PLA filament to the public, it disclaims any and all liability arising from the mishandling of products and wrong usage of the same.



  • If you want a custom color(s) or custom scale for the models we can provide that for you. Please contact me for a quote with all the models & miniatures you want to be scaled or colored and what you are looking for. For miniatures from our design partners, I am unable to change the design itself, only elements of the printing process; size, material colors, printing parameters, etc.
  • Model is provided to us by Cinderwing3D, whom I am a commercial seller, along with all Cinderwind3d’s projects released on Patreon.

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Single Color, Rainbow